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About United Recovery Project

Why Choose United Recovery Project?

Our program is a strengths-based, competency approach to treatment which is designed to assist the client with overcoming specific obstacles and increasing their ability to manage their emotions and situations without using chemicals to self-soothe and reduce anxiety, numb, avoid and provide what often appears to be a relief.  The treatment approach utilizes evidenced-based practices to facilitate the many aspects of healing; physical, neurological, mental, emotional and spiritual, that must be addressed and to some extent resolved.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality services to assist with often co-occurring mental health issues that are frequently related to substance use.

United Recovery Project is designed as an intensive program for individuals who are seeking help for substance addiction. This program is unique in that it is not a track within a general population program, but rather its own distinct program with separate therapy groups and residential experience. The program combines therapy methods for treatment of addiction and trauma utilizing one-on-one and group therapy to address all aspects of the individual, including mental, physical, spiritual, social, environment and relationships. United Recovery Project will not attempt to change the client; rather empower the client to define what is working in your life and discover the endless possibilities for what your life can be. The goal is that the client develops the strengths and resources necessary for one’s own recovery.

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Before entering the program, clients undergo a pre-assessment to confirm that they are an appropriate clinical fit. Upon admission, they meet with the Clinical Director or your Primary Therapist who does a full assessment in order to assign a primary therapist and create a customized treatment plan. Clients are typically in the program for a minimum of 30 days, though can remain in the program for 45-60 if recommended by the clinical team. When the client approaches the end of the program, the clinical team creates an aftercare plan, including coordinating with resources in the client’s home community to ensure that the progress made during the client’s treatment is continued.

To learn more about our program levels of care, visit our treatment services page or to learn about the therapies offered at United Recovery Project.

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